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About Waza F.C.
“Waza” is not an acronym as many suspect.  Instead it is a Japanese word meaning "technique."  This captures a critical underlying philosophy of Waza F.C. which is to develop the techniques necessary for soccer players to achieve their highest level.  Not only is this belief fostered on the field but also in developing our players' off field "techniques" in their daily lives.
Waza F.C. offers soccer for all ages with developmental and competitive programs from 3 years through adult! We have teams competing at every level of MYSL (Michigan Youth Soccer League), MSDSL (Michigan State Developmental Soccer League), MSPSP (Statewide Premier League), MRL (Midwest Regional League) Division 1, MRL Premier, National League and our own WAZA Pro team. 


Waza F.C. is proud to offer HIGHLY experienced soccer coaches that have played the game collegiately and professionally, and who coach in local High School, College and Olympic Development programs.  Cross-training and player pass carding are encouraged to provide input from multiple coaches for optimal player and team growth!
Waza F.C. has grown considerably over the years!  In Southeast Michigan, there are currently 120 Waza F.C. youth teams:

Waza F.C. Club Location First Year Current
# Teams
Primary Fall/Spring Fields & Training Primary Indoor Games & Training
Based in Rochester
(Oakland/Macomb Counties)
2003 49 Ultimate Soccer Arenas, Pontiac Ultimate Soccer Arenas, Pontiac
Based in Livonia
(West Oakland County & Wayne County)
1999 32 Bicentennial Park, Livonia Total Sports Complex, Wixom
Based in Grand Blanc
(Genesee County)
2009 22 Rick Hartker Soccer Complex, Grand Blanc Genesee Fieldhouse,
Grand Blanc
Based in Taylor (Downriver)
2011 5 Woodhaven High School & Munson Park, Monroe Taylor Sportsplex, Taylor



2014 12 Elmer Lange Memorial Park SVSU, Saginaw

Waza FC offers programs that span soccer player ages, skills and interests, such as:

  • Developmental Training for boys and girls ages 3-9 with emphasis on practicing the basic techniques of dribbling, passing, controlling and shooting.
  • Michigan Youth Soccer League (MYSL), for Waza East and North select soccer travel teams ages U8-U18 and for Waza West and South select soccer travel teams ages U13-U18
  • Michigan State Developmental Soccer League (MSDSL), for Waza West and South select soccer travel teams ages U8-U12 boys and girls
  • Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP), for U13-U18 boys and girls premier travel teams 
  • Midwest Regional League (MRL), for U14-U18 boys and girls
  • National Premier League (NPL), for U13-U18 boys
  • National League, for U15 boys and girls
  • Super Y teams, For U10 - U14 boys and girls
  • Summer Camp Programs designed exclusively for Waza FC players
  • Soccer Training Programs, open to all soccer players
  • Waza Flo Pro in Professional Arena Soccer League (PASL)
  • Soccer Waza, LLC, Professional FIFA Player Agency

Who should I call for more information?
Waza F.C. East: Boys Teams: Gronthik Chatterjee, , 248-894-5616

WazaF.C, East: Girls Teams: Tino Scicluna,  , 734-341-3193

Waza F.C. North: Steve Hancock, , 810-397-5551

Waza F.C. TriCities: Tom Wells, , 989-316-5155
Waza F.C. West & South:  Mario Scicluna,  , 313-477-7006
Why should I choose Waza F.C. for my child?
The mission of Waza F.C. Is “developing today’s youth soccer players … preparing tomorrow’s young adults.”  To do that, we:

  • Participate in highly competitive levels of play in MYSL, MSDSL, MSPSP, MRL, NPL and National League.  And in 2011, Waza F.C. became the only Southeast Michigan Super Y Club.
  • Employ highly experienced coaches.  Refer to the coach biographies on the “Coaching Staff” page of this website.
  • Train players with input from multiple coaches.  We all learn differently from different people/teachers/coaches.  Therefore, we offer the opportunity to all players to learn techniques from different coaches, introducing the player to different approaches and techniques.
  • Extend a commitment to give players the opportunity to play soccer as often as possible, giving players more touches on the ball.  We utilize the club passcard option, giving players opportunities to play for teams other than their own, within Waza F.C. East, West, North and South.

What do current Waza F.C. families say about the club?
We feel that Waza F.C. appeals to families for many different reasons.  But don’t take our word for it.  Ask Waza F.C. families.  And review these comments from a few of our families, speaking from their own experiences!
“I looked around at other clubs but Waza truly stands out as being one with coaches who are truly dedicated and focused on each players individual development which is absolutely essential when grooming the state's next generation of soccer players.”  [Jenn Fahnestock, parent of two Waza F.C. East U9 boys, submitted 2012]
My son joined Waza East U15 NPL after playing for another well-known club since first grade.  He is delighted with the highly professional coaching and with the competitive nature of his teammates.  The young men on his team are serious about soccer and constantly strive to improve their skills and game all while having fun.  Also of importance, Waza’s coaches have kept their commitments.  If your son is thinking about playing in college, this is the place to be.  [John Mularoni, parent of Waza F.C. East u15 boy, submitted 2012]

“Our experience with the Waza organization has been the best experience we have had – on any level. We have heard nightmare stories from friends about different travel soccer clubs, where there is parent drama and politics that overshadowed the kids experience. This is not the case with the Waza organization. They are truly about developing the kids to be better athletes and better players.  From the team manager to the coaching staff this is by far the most professional and best run soccer organization around. If you want true coaching and development for your child, then this is the organization for you.”  [Sandra Quinn, parent of Waza F.C. East U13 girl, submitted 2012]

“I have two children playing for WAZA.....a U8 Girl and a U16 Boy. My son has been with WAZA for three seasons and this is my daughter's first season. This club is well organized and keeps the parents very informed. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences both on and off the field with coaches and parents alike. All of the coaches I have encountered with WAZA have been very focused on improving the kids' foot skills and agility on the field. They take the time to actually teach the kids about the game, about positions and strategies. They effectively communicate with the kids as opposed to some club coaches who stand on the sidelines and yell at the kids on the field. WAZA coaches are dedicated to their players and their families. They are driven and encourage the kids to be their best in a constructive and positive environment.”  [Karry Finazzo, parent of Waza F.C. East U8 girl & U16 boy, submitted 2012]

 “Now at the end of our first full year in Waza, it is a pleasure to explain how pleased we are with the development of our son in the U10 program.  The training is amazingly effective and our son’s basic skills from recreational league were improved so much more completely than we ever thought possible.  We are thoroughly delighted with the skill and experience of coaching from Gio, Gabe, and Steve who are very disciplined with the boys while keeping it very enjoyable for them.  Play time is very balanced and more playing opportunities are available through smart team management.  Our fears of “cut-throat travel soccer” have been replaced with admiration and respect for the skill-training and team-building philosophy of the staff of Waza.”  [Larry and Rose Navarre, parents of Waza FC East u10 boy, submitted 2012]
“When tryouts were approaching last June, my 10 year old son had several choices. 
We narrowed it down to 2- either a local team with coaches and players he was familiar and comfortable with, or trying something new and challenging. He chose Waza, because of Gio's great passion for coaching, and for the level of competition amongst his new teammates.
We are very pleased with the overall organization of the club and are happy to drive 1 1/2 hours for practices and home games.”  [Lisa Michalsky, parent of Waza FC East boy, submitted 2012]

“Our family made the switch to Waza for the 2010-2011 soccer season, and it has been a great move for us!  We have two girls playing so that means two teams, two coaches and different sets of families and all have been very positive!!  We are happy with the training and organization and how accommodating each team has been to the parents.  Thanks, Waza!”  [Richard and Kerry Hastings, parents of Waza FC East daughters, submitted 2011]

“We chose Waza 6 years ago because of the coaching staff and their outstanding credentials.  Their experience and credentials have taught our son the meaning of hard work and discipline.  They have also taught him the importance of continuous improvement, and to strive for what you believe in not only on the soccer field, but in everyday life. Our son has benefited greatly from this club.”  [Jami and Gary Verbeke, parents of Joey Verbeke, Waza FC East boy, 2011]
“Our daughter has been playing with Waza F.C. for three years. Each and every year has truly been an overwhelmingly positive experience for her. The entire Waza coaching staff and their training techniques are phenomenal. It is a pleasure from a parent's standpoint to see the development and discipline of the players and watching them blossom into a highly-skilled soccer/team player.”  [Joe and Julie Doss, parents of Jillian Doss, Waza FC East girl, 2011]
“I have been playing with Waza for five years and have enjoyed every year. The coaching staff is very talented and caring. At our practices, I especially like rotating through the different coaches. Each coach brings their own unique training techniques. Waza provides an awesome summer soccer camp--Hi Lamar. Playing for Waza has made me a better soccer player on the field and a better person off the field.  WAZA WOO!!!!!!”
[Jillian Doss, player, Waza FC East girl, 2011]
“Individual development is definitely high on Waza’s list.  If you are looking for your son or daughter to excel and have fun doing it, then Waza is the right choice.”  [Jason Mrozek, parent of Alyssa Mrozek, Waza FC East girl, 2011]
 “Seven years ago my son decided he wanted to change soccer clubs.  He had heard about the great coaching, the family-like atmosphere and positive attitudes of everyone in Waza FC.   This club has given him the confidence in his abilities as a soccer player and as a young man.  Everyone who he has come in contact within the club has helped him grow in to a great person.  He has made great friendships and continues to enjoy being part of a great club.”  [Susan Bowyer, parent of Michael Bowyer, Waza FC East boy, 2011]
Waza to me means more than just great soccer. It means coaches who want my kids to succeed as much off the pitch as they want them to succeed on it. The experience has helped my kids learn a good work ethic that will help them succeed in life. It is more than just being part of a soccer team; it is a Waza family who plays soccer.”  [Jeff Kane, parent of Megan Kane - Waza FC East Girls, Bryan Kane - Waza FC East Boys, Justin Kane – Waza FC East boy, submitted 2011]
“As a new family affiliated with the Waza organization this year (2009) we have been ecstatic with virtually all aspects of the club.  Being a team manager within club soccer for three years, including being a team manager this year, you get an inside look at some of the operations and as a result a good feel for the character of the people and coaches behind a club as well as an opportunity to work with other clubs.  Although no club is perfect, we feel we have found a home with Waza.  Our first impression was a good one when we came down to watch a Waza practice and got to meet a couple of the coaches and saw how professional things were run.  A second good impression was made at tryouts by how organized they were.  There seemed to be a purpose and method to the entire operation.  We have also been impressed not only with the coach’s knowledge of the game and their impressive resumes, but equally impressed with how they relate to the kids.  Finally, we have been impressed with the other families.  Being new to the club we found it to be an easy transition not only for us but also for our son. The families and players were very helpful in the process.  We would highly encourage any family that is looking for a quality youth soccer club that is focused on teaching and developing kids to take a serious look at Waza.”  [Rob Hallstrand, parent of Austin Hallstrand, Waza FC East Boys and Waza FC Genesee girl, submitted 2009]
"Our son has been with Waza from day one.   He has had opportunities to go to other clubs but he has always chosen to stay with Waza because of the awesome training, coaching styles, and the personalities of the coaching staff.  Being with Waza has made him understand what team work is all about and has taught him about commitment.  He has not only grown into a skilled soccer player but a fine young man who will take this foundation to lead him into the future." [Paola DiPace, parent of Lorenzo DiPace, Waza FC East boy, submitted 2009]